Mad Platters Drug Avoidance

This method of testing can be highly relied on for so long as the hair shaft with the molecules remains intact, it can detect drug usage dating as far back as three months before the test.

Users cannot evade detection by merely abstaining for a few days. However, a new user can avoid detection simply because while hair shafts store information for a long time, encoding that information can take a while. This only means that it may take anywhere from 7 days for the hair to be viable for testing. Besides, the hair that will be closest to the scalp will be the one with the embedded drug molecules.

Hair is collected from dispersed location samples on the scalp. About 50-100 strands of hair are required. This is the case because hair grows at different stages on different parts of the scalp. Some hair may be in the anagen or telogen phase of growth, and newly formed hair samples are required for the tests to be accurate.

For people suffering from baldness, a sample of hair from any other part of the body is sufficient to do the trick. If you aren’t going to take a hair test, purchasing the Best Synthetic Urine is a great way to pass another time to test.

Washing or conditioning the hair does not affect the drug test results. If anything, it is encouraged as this removes other contaminants. Bleaching, perming or coloring will also not affect the integrity of a hair sample as long as the protein matrix of the hair is not severely damaged or broken.

Once life has become unmanageable, then the addict needs to make huge changes. They need to get out of their environment temporarily or permanently. A drug addict usually needs an inpatient rehab stay, which is generally a minimum of 30 days. It is important to get medical supervision while detoxing off the drugs, but it is equally important to get other psychiatric help after the detox. Detoxing is the first step of inpatient rehab. The first 3 to 7 days is typically a detoxification period for addicts.

Opiates require suboxone, subutex, methadone, or other medications to help comfort the withdrawal symptoms. Other medications such as Vistral and other anti-anxiety medications can be given. Benzodiazepines can be just as dangerous to detoxify from because seizures are a common withdrawal symptom. Methamphetamine detox can be dangerous because the addict may arrive intoxicated with a lack of sleep which may cause a dangerous psychosis. Alcohol withdrawal is a bit different and can actually be fatal. It can cause life-threatening seizures, organ failure, and hallucinations. Alcohol withdrawal needs to be done with the right medical supervision.

By remaining within a treatment center, the addict can receive vital coping skills and can then learn how to live without chemicals. Once the drugs are not in the person’s brain, then the real rehabilitation occurs. The brain has to rewire itself, so during the time stayed at the facility, there is rehabilitation happening within the body and the mind.